I will be so grateful if you will trust me with your sadness, and I will trust you with mine, so that even when we are sad… we will be grateful for how much we love each other, and know that we are in the world as much in our pain as in our happiness.



Borrowing Pete Conrad’s camera, Apollo 12 astronaut Al Bean photographs the surface of the Moon, November 1969.

Maxime Simoens SS15 | Paris | details

Photographs by Fan Ho

Taken in Hong Kong in the 50’s. 


Michael K. Williams enjoying a vapor break in downtown Manhattan

Photo by maxgordonphotography

I bend my knee to no man… unless I choose to.


get to know me meme: [1/5] favourite tv shows → Rome

"Nobody’s a traitor until they are."


favourite band of brothers characters

l don’t mean to interrupt you, sir. l just wanted to say goodbye. You know, you was…you was….well, it’s been a long time. [You got everything you need?] l gathered up my loot. Pistols, mainly. Paperwork’s all done. l even got my back pay in my pocket….Back home in Virginia…well, l just don’t rightly know how l’m gonna explain all this. You see, l…l seenl seen…[You’re a hell of a fine soldier, Shifty. There’s nothing more to explain.] Thank you, sir.


Harry Lloyd by Arved Colvin-Smith [x]

The Knick|Get The Rope 1.07

"I can make it painless 
and p e r f e c t.”


Molitor, Paris, 1985 

Gilles Rigoulet


Martine Theatre, U.S. 78, Talladega, Alabama, 1978 — Jim Dow